Realistic Bird Kites Work Great as Scarecrows or Decoys

Bird Kites

Bird Kites

Tough Tyvek bird kites with realistic flapping wings work well as scarecrows for gardeners and mariners or as decoys for duck and goose hunters. Of course, you can also fly them just for fun! We only stock Assembled bird kites; however, Jackite still produces Unassembled versions of the American Bald Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, and Osprey kites. Use our contact form to inquire about special-ordering these to save $10 per kite at the cost of an hour's labor.

ABOUT POLES: Jackite has been sold out of the most popular pole lengths and colors for many months. They expect to replenish their stock around the end of April. We regret that the current selection is very limited, and what they do have is selling out quickly.

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