DIY LED Dinosaur, Stegosaurus

DIY LED Dinosaur: Stegosaurus

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The Plated Lizard

Assemble the die-cut pieces of circuitboard in this simple kit to make a stegosaurus model (click the Related Products tab to see other dinosaurs). Teach kids basic electronics principles while they build their own cool dinosaur nightlight. Add the included 9-volt battery and flip the switch to light up eight red LEDs. The stegosaurus model snaps together in six simple steps, and instructions are included. There are only 18 pieces including the battery compartment and battery. Adult supervision is recommended to ensure that all of the metal contacts are touching properly -- because the joints fit very tightly (by design), young children will become frustrated and might break the solder contacts. No tools are required for assembly, which takes about 15 minutes.

The assembled stegosaurus is a desk-friendly 9.5" (24.1 cm) long x 2.5" (6.35 cm) wide and 6" (15.24 cm) tall. Adults will enjoy LED dinos as office decorations.

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 Are you curious...?

The word "stegosaurus" means "roof lizard." This plant-eating dinosaur's body was as big as a bus, but with its horse-sized head and walnut brain it can't have been much more than an eating machine. The warm, wet Jurassic world of 150 million years ago had enough plant life to fuel these 30-foot (9 m) long, 6,800-pound (3100 kg) beasts. Some paleontologists think that it might have reared up on its hind legs to reach vegetation over its head, which was only about 3 feet (1 m) off the ground. It might have lived in herds. With its double row of 17 spiny triangular plates and its spiked, club-like tail, the stegosaurus was not easy prey despite being slow and stupid. In fact, its brain was so small that some scientists think a nerve bundle in its hips acted as a simple, second brain to control its hindquarters. Nobody's sure what the plates were for. They were amply supplied with blood vessels and might have served as radiators for temperature regulation, or they might have been for mating displays, or they might have been defensive armor, or all three. Fossils of about 80 individual stegosaurs have been found in North America and Europe.

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