Peace Sign Vegetable Peeler

Peace Sign Veggie Peeler

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Vegetables Through Peace

As featured in The Green Bay Press Gazette, January 2010

The peace sign veggie peeler is 5.75" (14.6 cm) long and comes in three groovy colors. Use the dropdown list above to choose a color. If the one you want isn't listed there, we're sold out of that color. This is a discontinued product, so once it's gone, it's gone forever.

This is a functional peeler with a sharp blade, but it's not the most heavy-duty kitchen utensil you've ever seen. Its novelty value is its main ap-peel (ahem). Your peacenik vegetarian friend will go easy on it anyway. It does not come in a box or package.

Legend says that the two-fingered V sign was started in 1415 by English longbowmen at the Battle of Agincourt during the Hundred Years' War. The French threatened to cut off their enemies' arrow-shooting fingers after they won the battle. When the longbowmen won the day, they showed off their intact fingers to taunt the defeated French. By the 20th Century the gesture had become a common schoolyard insult in Great Britain, akin to a raised middle finger today.

Winston Churchill popularized the V-for-Victory sign during World War II. He turned his palm outward after somebody apprised the aristocratic gentleman of the palm-in version's insulting nature among the lower classes. Richard Nixon popularized it in America as his victory symbol during the Vietnam War (most famously flashing it from both hands while departing the White House in disgrace). Hippies, no friends of Nixon, started flashing Nixon's gesture while saying the word "peace!", and today that's it's primary meaning. The palm-in V is still considered insulting in some quarters, so take care which way you peel your vegetables.

Potato not included.

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