Whisky Stones - Soapstone Cubes for Whiskey Lovers

Whisky Stones

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Ice Melts. Whisky Rocks.

You don't want to dilute quality spirits with water, but sometimes a good whiskey goes down smoother with a slight chill. These natural soapstone cubes from Vermont are the perfect way to enhance your next single malt. Whisky Stones are nonporous, so they will not impart flavor or odor. Whisky Stones (or Whiskey Stones; either spelling is correct) can cool down any liquor by a few degrees -- just enough to take the edge off without "closing down" the more subtle flavors. Scandinavians have used granite rocks for this purpose for centuries, but soapstone has superior thermal properties and, being comprised mainly of talc, won't scratch your glass.

Store Whisky Stones in the freezer for at least four hours before use. Add three stones per glass. Pour your whiskey (or rum, or vodka, or tequila, or even wine) over them until it just covers one stone (about 2 oz.). Let stand for five minutes. Rinse and air dry your Whisky Stones after each use, and store them in the freezer for next time. Whisky Stones are not an ice substitute for large volumes of liquid -- they won't work well in a tumbler of iced tea or a pitcher of beer. It's all about surface area and evaporation. Whisky Stones will not chill more than a couple of ounces of liquid, nor will they make it ice cold.

The FDA says that soapstone is generally regarded as safe. It doesn't react with water, alcohol, detergents, or mild acids. It's better than granite because it's nonporous and it won't scratch glass. 

You get nine (9) Whisky Stones and a muslin storage bag packaged in an attractive gift box Each stone is a bit less than one cubic inch (2.5 cm3).

Whiskey and glass not included. Click here to see the Whisk(e)y Lover gift set.

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These are the original Whisky Stones as seen in O Magazine, April 2010. Don't fall for the imitations that other companies are now selling.



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