Lexco Cigarette Cases: The Flexible Pocket Just-in-Case for All Kinds of Smokes

Lexco Cigarette Cases

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The Just-In-Case for Active Smokers

LexCo cases are specifically designed to fit in your back pants pocket. They are completely crush-proof, yet flexible for maximum comfort. LexCo cases were almost named the "just-in-case" because you can always carry three to five extra cigarettes just in case your pack runs out. Cigarettes are too expensive to waste!

From a modest beginning, the Lexco lineup has expanded to cover just about every size of filtered, unfiltered, and hand-rolled cigarette out there, including medical marijuana. The models are explained below.   

Load up your LexCo case, add a couple of stick matches just to be sure, then put it in your back pocket and forget about it. If you want to save half of a smoke, put it back in your case and it will go out to be finished later. Handcrafted in northern Michigan from rich American walnut with a hand-rubbed tung oil finish, these cases are water-resistant and guaranteed for life, no questions asked. Lex says "I've been carrying one for 20 years now and it hasn't broken yet." The darkness of the wood varies from case to case and even from one slat to the next, so no two LexCo cases are exactly alike and they won't look exactly like our photos.

Be sure to specify which case you want with the dropdown list above. To buy more than one style, add it to your shopping cart multiple times. If a size doesn't appear in the list, we're temporarily out of it.

  • A2, A3 and A5 The original LexCo cases for non-filter and hand-rolled cigarettes. The base price shown applies to the A3; the A2 costs a bit less and the A5 is a little more. The A series is just the right length for 1.25-wide ZigZags. 3/8" inner diameter and 3-3/16" inner length.
  • B1, B2, and B3 (Sorry, B3 is permanently out of stock) The only case designed specifically for blunt wraps, electronic cigarettes, cigarillos, and black & milds. The B series is longer and wider than the A cases to handle fatter smokes. 7/16" inner diameter, 4-13/16" inner length.
  • FB1, FB2, and FB3 The "Fat Bob" family is as long as the A series (for 1.25 ZigZags) and as wide as the Bs (for fatter smokes). 7/16" inner diameter, 3-3/16" inner length.
  • C2, C3 and C5 The original LexCo cases for filtered King Size ("standard") cigarettes and hand-rolled cigarettes using Wide papers. The base price shown applies to the C3. 3/8" inner diameter and 3-1/2" inner length.
  • C20, C30 and C5 (Sorry, all of these are permanently out of stock) These second-generation LexCo cases are made for filtered 100 mm cigarettes. 3/8" inner diameter, 4-5/16" inner length.
  • C300 This second-generation LexCo case holds three filtered 120 mm ("Long") cigarettes.
  • Add a Gift Pouch? If your LexCo case will be a gift for some lucky smoker, click the box to put it in a nice velveteen drawstring pouch and save the hassle of wrapping it. The longest cases do not quite fit all the way in the pouch -- one end will protrude a little. Assorted colors. 

Lex Miller invented LexCo cases in 1985. He didn't always have a shirt pocket to carry around his smokes, so he carried them in his pants pocket instead, but damaged too many of them despite buying so-called "crush-proof boxes". Rather than ruin expensive cigarettes, he took to leaving them home when he was mowing the lawn, riding his motorcycle, or out hunting. But he often wished that he had brought along just a few to relax. Now he's never caught without a smoke.

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