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PurseHooks: Fusion Glass Collection

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The Practical Accessory Just Went Upscale

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If our Original PurseHooks (see Related Products) achieve the best balance of price and quality on the market, the Fusion Glass Collection makes no apologies for ratcheting up the style. Are Fusion PurseHooks "better" than Original PurseHooks? No. Are they nicer? Yes. Is that worth a premium price? Keep reading, and decide for yourself.

Due to the unique nature of Fusion Glass, each piece is an original work of art that varies in color and shape. No two are the same. The array of deep colors is made possible by Dichroic glass, which is -- believe it or not -- a NASA spinoff. The space agency used Dichroic as a light filter. Dichroic glass is layered with metal oxides like titanium, silicon, magnesium, gold, and silver. These metals are layered on the glass in a high temperature vacuum furnace. That's why these Fusion Glass models cost so much more than our Original line.

Many different forms of glass go into a Fusion PurseHook, including powders and confetti. Color is layered upon color, and then fired layer after layer. Each Fusion PurseHook goes through up to four firings to reach its final state. Air pockets form naturally during this process, which adds even more unique character to each piece -- no two are alike, nor will they exactly match our photos. The end result is like a painting made of glass.

Original PurseHooks, the Fusion Glass models hold up to 35 pounds. They come in a black velvet pouch embroidered with the PurseHook logo, and they take up very little space in your purse.

To seal the deal, our purse hooks are eco-friendly. They are made from 100% recycled zinc alloy with a 100% recycled rubber backing that clings to any surface.



  • Deep purple and sparkly Allure is well-named; this is one alluring PurseHook!
  • Every time you gaze into the depths of Cabo Bayo, you'll remember warm tropical waves rolling over your feet on a white sand beach.
  • Candy Apple is so sweet...can you resist tasting it? Bold black stripes cross solid-looking blocks of deep red and shimmering pearl. Don't you want a sports car in this color?
  • Beautiful gold flakes are the Hidden Treasure in this design. The colors range through gold, brown and green as you change your viewpoint.
  • The dramatic Lightning Sky design will make you think of distant rumbles of thunder and the smell of rain.

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Scott on 12/05/2007 08:50pm
I ordered a pursehook for my wife as a Christmas present. It's before Christmas at the time of writing, so the verdict from her is still pending, but I had a good look before I wrapped it. The glass on the top is precisely how I hoped it would be -- sparkly and deep, like an art glass brooch or pendant might look. The hook itself is very sturdy, and I have no doubt it'll hold the weight of my wife's (formidable) handbag. The hook is hinged to the glass part so it can lie flat, but the hinge is very solid -- no play at all. To be honest, I was expecting this to be a simple novelty gift, but I'm sure it'll become a staple accessory in short order.

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