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Bird Kite: Blue Jay

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The Blue Jay That's Not from Toronto

Apart from being unusual and fun to fly, these realistic kites make practical scarecrows to keep birds away from your boat or garden. Customers report that the durable Tyvek construction remains intact after flying permanently, in all weather, for a year. These things look amazing with their wings flapping in the breeze. 

We only sell the Assembled version. Assembled kites require 3-step preparation using no tools, and are ready to fly in minutes. Tyvek is a synthetic paper-like material that's used for housing insulation wraps and Netflix disk sleeves because it is nearly indestructible.

Small and simple with its 28" wingspan, the Bluejay is the best choice for casual kite flying. Its wings flap just like those of its larger relatives. We think of this as a 'gateway' kite. After flying this one, you'll be back for the eagle.

About the Add-Ons

Poles: "Small bird" kites might not be useful as scarecrows or decoys, but you can still attach the Blue Jay to a pole and fly it permanently as a decorative windsock. Poles collapse to a 3' (0.91 m) tube and extend to the length indicated. We don't recommend flying small birds any higher than 20'. The "platinum" poles have an extra-thin tip for better flexing, and can bend 180 degrees. Most of our poles are thick-tip poles for maximum durability. We also offer some flex-tip poles with a thin tip for maximum flexibility. All of the flex-tips are platinum colored. A kite on a flex-tip pole can move more with the wind, making it seem more active. It will require more air space to move around in.

Jackite's pole color selection often changes without notice. If the pole that you chose isn't available, we'll substitute the closest color that they have.

Kite orders that include poles require special packaging, so they'll come directly from Jackite rather than from our own warehouse. These orders often take an extra day to process. Poles weigh about 3 pounds (1.36 kg) and will increase your shipping charge.

Ground Stake: This 22" (59 cm) length of PVC pipe is angled on one end for easy insertion into the ground. Put the butt end of your pole into the open top. You can easily make this yourself or add ours for convenience. The stake weighs about a pound (0.45 kg) and will increase your shipping charge. 

Line Rig: The Line Rig is the easiest way to attach your kite to any pole. You get two large swivels connected by 7' (2.13 m) of fishing line. Clip one swivel to your kite and the other to your pole and you're ready to fly.

Your kite should last for a year or more if you take it down in winds exceeding 20 mph (32 kph) and during sustained heavy rains.

Cary Cornwell on 06/14/2009 07:15pm
We've had both the Cardinal and the Blue Jay for close to 10 years. We fly them both when we go camping. Over the years, the colors have started to fade but both kites still fly as good as the day I bought them. When I first received these kites, my first impression was that they would never hold up to the wind as the line connection point was very close to the end of the beak. I would have bet anything that the first hard wind they would rip out. Was I wrong,, these kites extremely durable. What I do is to pound a 2 foot T style fence post into the ground, keeping about 8 to 10 inches out of the ground. Place a 3 foot piece of PVC tubing over the stake. I use a 15 foot cane pole with about 10 feet of fish line. Attach the kite to the end of the fish line with a fishing lure snap hook. Then place the pole inside of the PVC pipe, sit back and enjoy. We get many comments from other campers. I would definitely recommend this product. Well worth the money. In fact, I'm getting ready to order a couple replacement birds and retire the first two.

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