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Aquarius Card Game

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The Age of Aquarius

 The 10th anniversary version of Aquarius features the original three types of cards: Elements, Goals, and Actions, plus two new types. The deck grew from 60 cards to 80 after being out of print for two years. Element cards are played kind of like dominos, with each player trying to win by connecting seven panels of one particular element. Goal cards determine which element each player is going after, and Action cards allow players to shake up the action in five different ways. The game is fast, fun, colorful, and easy to learn. Kids love the colorful design, fast play, and simple matching strategy. Adults enjoy the game's competitive edge. Aquarius is the perfect first family card game. You don't have to take our word for it; read this independent review.

From the makers of the bestselling Fluxx, Aquarius is for 2-5 players aged 6 and up. New optional rules simplify the game to include preschoolers as young as 3 years old.

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