Yeti Christmas Ornament

Yeti Ornament

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The Abominable Ornament

Perhaps you know the Yeti as the Abominable Snowman. Think Bigfoot, but colder and whiter and much more appropriate for Christmas. Our glass Yeti is 7.25" (18.4 cm) tall and can hang from the included string or stand on your table as a centerpiece. 

Are you curious...?

Nepalese folklore says that the Yeti is a large ape-like creature that roams the Himalayas. When Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Howard-Bury led the British Mount Everest reconnaissance expedition in 1921, he came upon some large human-like tracks in the snow that he attributed to a loping gray wolf. His Sherpa guides insisted that they belonged to "metoh-kangmi", which translates to "man-bear snowman." Some garbled translations turned that into "filthy snowman" and poetic license changed it to "abominable snowman," a name that excited the public and stuck.

Yeti sightings can usually be explained as other creatures, but people like to believe in the fantastical and reports of the Yeti still persist (although they peaked in the 1950s). While it's not impossible that a large unknown primate could exist in such a remote place, it is exceedingly unlikely that a breeding population could sustain itself without leaving some incontrovertible evidence of its presence. Hair samples have proven to be from bears, and tracks in the snow are distorted by thawing and refreezing

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