Krampus Tree Topper

Krampus Tree Topper

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You already have at least one Krampus Ornament (see related products below). You've hung your Krampus Stockings by the chimney. Maybe you're even wearing your Krampus Scarf indoors. Now you need one more Krampus to top them all...and remind any unfortunate children in your household exactly where they stand. Our glass Krampus Tree Topper is 8-3/4" (22.2 cm) tall and fits over the pointy bit at the top of your tree, or can stand on its own.

Are you curious...?

Pre-Christian Germans came up with Krampus (one might have known that it would be the Germans), and his popularity as the enforcer of good behavior spread throughout central Europe and the alpine countries. Europeans celebrate the Feast of St Nicholas on Dec. 6. The night before is Krampusnacht, when the hairy goat-like demon takes to the streets, swatting wicked little children with his bundle of birch branches (or sometimes with a whip). Particularly bad kids go back to Krampus's lair in his white sack. Our sources don't say what happens to them after that, but odds are it's not sunshine and lollipops. Sometimes Krampus travels with St Nick, sometimes by himself. It is customary to offer Krampus schnapps -- save your milk and cookies for that goody-goody Santa. The early Catholic Church was not amused by celebrations involving goat-like wild creatures and tried to stamp out Krampus without much success. After their 1934 civil war, the Austrian rulers prohibited the Krampus tradition, again with limited results. As recently as 1950 Austria distributed a pamphlet called "Krampus is an evil man," but his popularity only surged. Philadelphia and Los Angeles held Krampus festivals in recent years, and he crashes Santa pub crawls everywhere.

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