White Skull Tidy

Skull Tidy, White

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Keep An Open Mind

The bone-white Skull Tidy's cranium is wide open to accept your valuables. Knowing that your keys, glasses, phone, coins, and other pocket paraphernalia are all in one place frees up capacity in your own skull. It's made of plastic polyresin, but there's nothing plasticky about it -- you'd swear it was unglazed ceramic or even real bone. Measuring a life-sized 4.9" wide x 5.9" tall x 8.5" long (125 x 150 x 215 mm), the realistically detailed skull weighs in at a hefty 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg) so that it's not easily pushed around and won't tip over, and it can be painted if you want to make your own Day of the Dead motif. Comes in an attractive white paperboard gift box with gold lettering. Display it with the Skeleton Hand Jewelry Holder (see related products below) for maximum impact. 

White skull tidy

Are you curious...?

People have been drilling into other people's skulls, presumably with good intentions, since ancient times. It's called trepanning (or trepanation). In the medieval era, a hole in the head was just the thing to let out evil spirits that caused abnormal behavior, migraine headaches, and epileptic seizures, or to remove bone fragments caused by head wounds and relieve swelling of the brain (fairly common injuries when clubs and stones were everyday weapons). Forty out of 120 skulls found at a French site dating to 6500 BC had trepanation holes; in fact, 5-10% of all skulls that have been found from the Neolithic were trepanned. Although human activities sometimes fossilize, the intentions behind them do not, so we can't say for sure why early humans opened up other people's skulls. Evidence of healing shows that a lot of the patients (or victims) survived the operation -- which is especially remarkable when you remember that these people had access only to stone tools and herbal pain relievers and lacked any knowledge of germs and infection.

Trepanation holes were generally no larger in diameter than a silver dollar and didn't resemble our Skull Tidy's generous opening, so we're reasonably confident that the ancients didn't open their heads to store their keys, even though pockets had yet to be invented.


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