Black Skull Tidy

Skull Tidy, Black

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It's All In Your Head

The matte black Skull Tidy's cranium is open to accept your valuables. Knowing that your keys, glasses, phone, coins, and other pocket paraphernalia are all in one place frees up capacity in your own skull. It's made of plastic polyresin, but there's nothing plasticky about it -- you'd swear it was unglazed ceramic or even real bone. Measuring a life-sized 4.9" wide x 5.9" tall x 8.5" long (125 x 150 x 215 mm), the realistically detailed skull weighs in at a hefty 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg) so that it's not easily pushed around and won't tip over. Comes in an attractive white paperboard gift box with gold lettering. Display it with the Skeleton Hand Jewelry Holder (see related products below) for maximum impact. 

Black skull tidy

Are you curious...?

The human skull seems like a pretty solid headbone with an attached jawbone, but it's actually made up of 22 bones (eight cranial and 14 facial) that fuse together (ossify) during development. At birth, we actually have 44 bony elements, including six fontanelles, or fibrous areas between the cranial plates. They have to be flexible to fit through the birth canal and allow for brain growth. These "soft spots" start to close by eight weeks after birth and are pretty much done by 18 months.

Because the skull houses the brain and defines the face, fossilized skulls are highly prized sources of information about human ancestors. Teeth alone provide a lot of information about how an individual grew and what it ate. Our knowledge of the human evolutionary tree comes from fossilized bones of more than 6,000 individuals. Some entire species are known only from fragments of a single individual, while other species are represented by thousands. Scientists used to believe that there was one human lineage with species gradually moving toward modern humans, but we know now that it's a lot more complicated than that, with a lot of branches and dead ends.

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