Skeleton Hand Jewelry Holder

Skeleton Hand Jewelry Holder

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I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Need a hand keeping your jewelry tidy? Or maybe you're looking for an eye-catching display for your jewelry or craft business. This is how well-dressed zombies keep their rings and bangles neatly organized. This realistic, life-size (210 mm or 8.27" tall) plastic-resin skeleton hand rises from a nice beechwood base that provides additional storage, and it has some carbon steel wire protrusions to keep things from slipping around. Independent metal joints add some flexibility, but it's not posable by any reasonable definition of that word. "Plastic resin" doesn't look at all plasticky -- you'd swear that it's real bone. Comes in an attractive black paperboard gift box with gold embossing. Display it with the Skull Tidy (see related product below) for maximum impact.

Skeleton hand

Are you curious...?

Your hand has 27 bones: eight short carpal bones in the wrist and four each of metacarpals, proximal phalanges, intermediate phalanges, and distal phalanges in the fingers. Your thumb doesn't have an intermediate phalange. There are also a bunch of small, ossified nodes called sesamoid bones in your tendons; their exact number varies among individuals. The carpals aren't detailed in our model, so don't use it for anatomy lessons.

We all know that the evolution of our hand, and especially our opposable thumbs, is a huge part of what made us human. Bipedalism, the precision grip, and stone tool use all came together at the same time; add stereoscopic vision and fine-tune the muscle control, and you've got an animal that's well on its way to using keyboards. Other primate hands aren't all that different from ours -- the final evolution of the human hand depended on integrated changes to our central nervous system that turned our hands into direct tools of our consciousness. It's no wonder that silhouettes of hands on cave walls are among the earliest known art -- even our earliest forebears knew they had something special going on there.

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