Cast-Iron T Rex Dinosaur Bottle Opener

Dinosaur Bottle Opener

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Top of the Food Chain

Use the mighty jaws of a tyrannosaurus rex to your advantage. This 9" long, 5" tall (22.86 x 12.7 cm) cast-iron Dinosaur Bottle Opener just stands around looking tyrannical until it's time for a beer. Then the jaws of the King of the Tyrant Lizards can pry the cap off your favorite ale. This T Rex comes bursting out of its own gift box (see the third image above) in a satisfyingly menacing way. 


Are you curious...?

If you ask Google about the most fearsome predators of all time, the Tyrannosaurus Rex shows up on just about everybody's list (often ranking below humans, which is technically true but not the fact that you were looking for). Some marine reptiles were bigger, stronger, and faster than a T Rex, but the tyrannosaur was the apex predator as long as you stayed out of Jurassic seas. Rex's head alone was the size of a small car and most of that was a pair of epic jaws up to 4' long, with teeth as long as your hand -- just the thing for ripping huge chunks of flesh out of other large dinosaurs. Tyrannosaurus didn't have molars and couldn't chew, so it gulped down 150 lbs of meat in a bite. Choking was a major hazard if a bone (or a giant bottle cap, for that matter) went down the wrong way.

For all that, paleontologists struggled for a long time to prove that T Rex actually hunted. Jack Horner observed that "He has no arms, can't run fast, appears to have a large olfactory (smelling) lobe and he's big. If you think about it, one of the best things to be if you're a scavenger is big so you can chase away anything else around the carcass." Horner never believed that T Rex was exclusively a scavenger and didn't do research to prove the case, but he nevertheless argued it publically for years to rile up the paleontological community and stimulate public interest -- which it certainly did. Horner dropped the idea of tyrannosaurs as jackals years ago, but it still crops up, even though the scientific community ultimately decided that T Rex probably both hunted and scavenged. 

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