Switchables Acorn Nightlight Cover SW288 - Stained Glass Night Light

Switchables Cover, Acorn SW288

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The Mighty Oak

As the humble seed of the mighty oak tree, the acorn is a symbol of strength and potential. Our Acorn with Heart stained glass nightlight cover is guaranteed not to sprout into a tree. 

This cover uses the traditional stained glass process with a soldered metal frame around cut pieces of glass. You can identify the old-style covers by their "SW" catalog numbers. "SF" covers use the fused glass process and don't have metal borders.


This is not a self-contained night light. Switchables stained glass night light covers are designed to be used with the Switchables Nightlight Fixture (sold separately). Switchables are "switchable" because you can easily swap any one of our covers onto the same simple fixture. You can also use your Switchables cover as a suncatcher, a Christmas ornament, or with any other kind of light source. To display your Switchables cover in a window, add the optional suction cup. Click the Related Products tab to see other display ideas. Switchables make gift-giving easy: Start your recipient out with a fixture and one or two covers, then buy him or her new covers on future gift-giving occasions.


Are you curious...?

Acorns were sacred to the Norse god Thor, whose Tree of Life was an oak. Druids ate acorns to absorb their prophetic qualities. Yuck? Acorns were a traditional food for many indigenous Americans, especially in California. Unlike most other foods, acorns will keep for years without any processing, and were often hoarded against times of famine.

That hoarding behavior is important to oak trees because acorns are too heavy to disperse on the wind and rolling only takes them so far. Besides humans, squirrels and jays like to hoard acorns in burrows for future use, which is the same thing as planting them. Those that aren't recovered in short order will germinate and thrive. Squirrels and jays both have good memories for where their nuts are cached, but every now and then they lose some, or die before they can retrieve them. 

Besides being an important foodstuff when grains are in short supply, acorns make a passable substitute for uncaffeinated coffee. The Confederates used them this way in the US Civil War, as did the Germans in World War 2 (their brew was called ersatz, a word that has since come to mean "artificial.") Want to try some acorn coffee? Choose acorns from white oaks, which are low in tannins and have a nutty flavor. To remove the remaining bitter tannins, chop your acorns and soak them in several changes of water until it no longer turns brown. Roast them gently to enhance their flavor, then grind and brew them just as you do coffee beans. Odds are that going to all that trouble will make you appreciate real coffee all the more.

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