Metal Earth model of the Bat Signal

Metal Earth: Bat-Signal

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Calling All Bats

The Bat-Signal, used to summon Batman and strike fear in criminals, has gone through many incarnations over the years. Our moderately challenging Metal Earth model has about 30 pieces on two sheets of metal. Assembled, it measures 1.75"(D) x 1.75"(W) x 2.4"(H).

Each Metal Earth model is laser etched in meticulous detail on 11 cm (4.33") metal sheets. Pop out the pieces by hand (or use wire cutters to get especially crisp lines), bend the tabs using needle-nose pliers, and fit them together as shown in the simple pictorial instructions. For maximum dramatic effect, display your model on the LED Display Base or the Solar Spinner (sold separately, see below).

Please note that Metal Earth models have sharp edges and are not suitable for children under 14. Bat-Signal model does not illuminate and is not guaranteed to summon Batman.

 Are you curious...?

The Bat-Signal is simply a Kleig searchlight modified to project a large bat emblem on the clouds or buildings of Gotham City. The police use it to summon Batman's help or to strike fear in the criminal community. There are several competing origin stories for this device that first appeared in Detective Comics #60 in 1942 (searchlights were rather a big deal during WW2).

In the 1989 Batman film, Batman gives the signal to the Gotham police force. In 2005's origin story Batman Begins, police lieutenant (and future commissioner) Gordon installs the signal on the roof of police headquarters himself. Various comics and animated series ascribe various other origins. In one telling Commissioner Gordon summons Batman with a pager before deciding that he prefers the public signal's intimidation factor. In the 1960s TV series the Commissioner generally uses a Bat-phone hotline, only relying on the Bat-signal when Batman is away from his cave since there was no cell service then. Assorted villains have been known to use the Bat-signal to lure Batman into traps. 

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