Switchables Cowboy Nightlight Cover SF569 - Stained Glass Night Light

Switchables Cover, Cowboy SF569

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One for the Bunkhouse

The Cowboy design is a simple black silhouette of a rodeo cowboy on a bucking bronco on a beautiful textured ruby-colored stained glass background.

The fused-glass process allows Switchables to create nightlight covers like none you've ever seen before. Instead of being folded and soldered, as are traditional Switchables covers, these pieces of glass are fused together with flash heat for more brilliant colors and intricate designs. Bits and strips of glass are bonded to a slightly curved, clear or colored background panel. Covers with "SF" item numbers use the fused glass process.


This is not a self-contained night light. Switchables stained glass night light covers are designed to be used with the Switchables Nightlight Fixture (sorry, we are permanently sold out -- clicking that link will take you away from our store). Switchables are "switchable" because you can easily swap any one of our covers onto the same simple fixture. You can also use your Switchables cover as a suncatcher, a Christmas ornament, or with any other kind of light source. To display your Switchables cover in a window, add the optional suction cup.


Are you curious...?

The cowboy's historical roots trace back to equestrians in Islamic Spain. Conquistadors brought their horses and their cattle-raising traditions to the New World in the 16th century. The landscape of New Spain (later Mexico and the American Southwest) bred new traditions embodied by the Mexican vaquero ("vaca" means cow and a vaquero is one who tends cows). The English word "buckaroo" is probably a corruption of vaquero that took hold because it incorporates the notion of "bucking." "Cowboy" is a loose English translation for "one who herds cows."

Nowadays cowboys are seen as belonging to either the California or the Texas tradition. California cowboys were considered highly skilled ranch hands, usually family men with strong ties to their own land. The climate in California permitted open grazing and a more local economy. Texas cowboys conducted long cattle drives to get animals to market. A Texas vaquero was a single male who migrated from ranch to ranch and worked for hire.

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