Cone Kitty Ornament

Cone Kitty Ornament

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The Cone of Shame

In contrast to the blissed out Derpy Cat (see related products below), the Cone Kitty is not having a nice day...although she's doing her best not to show it. Our 4" (10.2 cm) tall glass Cone Kitty Ornament is the perfect complement to Derpy Cat. The cone is plastic. It includes a string or it can stand on its own. Keep that string away from any real cats in your home.

Are you curious...?

The "cone of shame", "pet radar dish", or "pet lampshade" is informally known as a "pet cone" and formally called an "Elizabethan collar" for its resemblance to the ruff that was all the rage from the 14th to the 17th centuries. A pet's e-collar can be made from soft fabric or hard plastic, as long as it prevents your pet from chewing or licking a wound. You can pay a ridiculous price to buy a fancy one with straps and padding and velcro from your veterinarian or pet store, or you can make one yourself from cardboard, a plastic flower pot, or even -- yes -- a lampshade.

An actual Elizabethan ruff could be a foot wide and had a wire frame to hold it at a fashionable angle. It evolved from the small fabric ruffle at a garment's neckline drawstring into a removable piece of fabric that protected one's doublet from becoming soiled (the doublet being a snug-fitting buttoned jacket that was, itself, popular for more than 400 years). Bishops and ministers in the Church of Denmark still wear ruffs today. It's not clear if they're meant to prevent them from licking themselves.

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