Santa's Bottle Cap, a Santa hat with a built-in bottle opener

Santa's Bottle Cap

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Ho! Ho! (hic)!

Santa's Bottle Cap is a plush velour hat with a metal bottle opener built into the tassel. What better gift could Santa bring to the holiday party than the gift of an open beer? You're going to be very popular.

"One size fits most", as they say: Santa's Bottle Cap is sized to fit an average adult head. Men might find it a little snug while women might think it's loose-fitting. It's not adjustable.

...Are you curious?

Despite his connection with Saint Nicholas, some Christians (particularly Calvinists and Puritans) dislike Santa Claus, and Christmas in general, believing that lavish celebrations smack of paganism and are out of step with their faith. In fact, they banned Christmas entirely in the 17th century and New Englanders remained reserved about the holiday for generations. Other nonconformist Christians decry the materialism of their religious holiday and spurn Santa as a symbol of commercialism. Those people will most certainly not like this hat.

Joy Haenlein on 11/23/2016 04:38pm
Oh boy! Oh boy! Ordering for my daughter. Cherry on the sundae of her Santa Con costume.

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