Shark Tea Infuser

Shark Tea Infuser

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Swim with the Sharks

Fill this dishwasher-safe silicone shark with your favorite loose-leaf tea, let him chomp down on the edge of your cup, and add hot water -- no tea bags necessary. Unlike most of his wild relatives, this shark prefers hot, shallow, fresh water.


Are you curious...?

Sharks or their immediate ancestors have been prowling the oceans for some 400 million years, during which they diversified into more than 500 species ranging from the 6.7" (17 cm) dwarf lanternshark all the way up to the largest fish in existence, the 39' (12 m) whale shark. Our silicone shark was specially bred to be about 3" (7.6 cm) to fit into your teacup and to prefer hot water. Commercial and recreational fishing kills 100 million sharks every year, whereas sharks only manage to kill four or five people. While they won't win any MENSA contests, sharks aren't the mindless killing automatons that you might have believed; they have a brain-to-body ratio similar to birds and mammals and have shown behavior that looks like curiosity and playfulness.

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