Hippo Tea Infuser

Hippo Tea Infuser

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Thirsty Thirsty Hippo

Fill this happy silicone hippo's belly with loose-leaf tea, hang him on the edge of your cup, and add hot water -- no tea bags necessary.


Are you curious...?

The word "hippopotamus" comes from the ancient Greek meaning "river horse." The common hippo is the third-largest living land mammal, after the elephant and the rhinoceros. Ancestral hippos diverged from cetaceans (whales and other marine mammals) 55 million years ago, although the earliest true hippo fossils only date back 16 million years. Despite their barrel-shaped bodies and stubby legs, hippos can sprint at 19 mph (30 kph). Together with their aggressive temperament, that makes hippos one of the most dangerous animals in Africa...although not as dangerous as humans, who hunt them for their meat and their ivory teeth.

Hippos are still semi-aquatic, living in rivers, lakes, mangrove swamps, and (rarely) tea cups. A territorial bull rules a stretch of water and five to 30 females and young. They hang out in the water all day and come ashore to graze on grass at night. Grazing is a solitary pursuit and hippos aren't territorial when they're on land.

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