Introvert Ornament

Introvert Ornament

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Introverts don't look forward to holiday parties the way extroverts do. We would rather celebrate quietly, in our own homes, preferably alone. Displaying the 3-5/8" (9.2 cm) glass Introvert Ornament on your tree is a low-key way that you can make us feel welcome. Hang it from the included string or stand it on its own.

Are you curious...?

Introverts find social interaction exhausting and get fired up by solitary pursuits. People often mistake introversion for shyness or even social phobia. Until recently, it was considered a character flaw at best or mental illness at worst. In truth, introverts can socialize when we have to, and even seem to have a good time. We just prefer not to. Social media has been a boon that lets us keep in touch from the privacy of our own sanctuaries while keeping you comfortably at arm's length.

Now that introversion is being accepted as a personality type, one psychology professor has decided that there are four kinds of introverts: social, thinking, anxious, and restrained (which conveniently spells STAR). Social introversion is the most commonly known type; social introverts prefer small groups of good friends or solitude; it differs from shyness because it's not driven by anxiety. Thinking introverts enjoy getting lost in rich creative and intellectual mental states -- but not in a neurotic way. You might perceive us as dreamy or imaginative. Anxious introverts lack confidence in our social skills. We feel awkward and self-conscious around others, and our anxiety doesn't evaporate when we're alone. We replay the day's interactions over and over in our heads and think about what we should have said or done. Restrained (or reserved) introverts seem slow and deliberate, thinking carefully before we speak or act. Most introverts combine aspects of all of those types.

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