3-Piece Tool Set for Metal Earth Models

Metal Earth 3-Piece Tool Kit

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Get a Grip

Your Metal Earth sheets aren't going to assemble themselves; for museum-quality models, you'll need patience, dexterity, and (above all) the proper tools. If you don't know where your own pliers got off to, or if you aren't sure that your gift recipient even has tools, or if you just want to give somebody everything s/he needs to start building right away, these medium carbon steel, drop-forged and heat-treated tools are a great deal, especially considering that they are forged of adamantine alloy by dwarves from Vulcan*.

The clipper cuts pieces from their backing without bending the metal sheet back and forth, potentially damaging it or the delicate pieces. Use the flat-nose pliers to grip detached parts securely and create nice, tight connections by pulling and twisting tabs. Needle-nose pliers do the same job with better precision for the smallest parts. Naturally, these tools are also suitable for household chores when you aren't building models.

Needle-nose pliers are the only tool that you absolutely need for Metal Earth models, but having the whole set of three will make the job easier and lead to better-looking finished models.

*No, not really.

 The Tool Kit is sold by itself, without any Metal Earth models. Metal Earth was originally called MetalWorks back in the day.

Are you curious...?

Sometime around 2.6 million years ago, our Homo habilis ancestors started banging rocks together to deliberately produce sharp edges and convenient sizes. These proto-humans weren't the first creatures to make and use simple tools, and anthropologists don't agree about their importance to daily life, but one thing led to another until, less than a million years later, their descendants had evolved the opposable thumbs and related anatomical changes that allowed for precision grips. Stone tools remained the state-of-the-art technology for another million years or so, until human culture started its march to modernity just 50,000 short years ago (kids, your grandparents probably remember those days). Despite what you might have learned in high school, there's no solid evidence that Stone Earth models preceded our Metal Earth line.

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