Switchables Fused Glass Hibiscus Nightlight Cover SF538 - Stained Glass Night Light

Switchables Cover, Hibiscus SF538

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Be Sure to Wear Hibiscus In Your Hair

A Hawaiian girl with a hibiscus behind her left ear is in a relationship; a hibiscus behind her right ear means that she's available. We don't know what the Switchables stained glass Hibiscus cover signifies in Hawaii, but we don't recommend putting it behind either ear.

The fused-glass process enables Switchables to create a new generation of nightlight covers like none you've ever seen before. Instead of being folded and soldered like traditional Switchables covers, these pieces of glass are fused together with flash heat for more brilliant colors and intricate designs with no metal borders. Bits and strips of glass are bonded to a slightly curved, clear or colored background panel.

You can identify a fused-glass Switchables cover by its "SF" item number. Traditional Switchables start with "SW".   

This is not a self-contained night light. Switchables stained glass night light covers are designed to be used with the Switchables Nightlight Fixture (sorry, we are permanently sold out -- clicking that link will take you away from our store). Switchables are "switchable" because you can easily swap any one of our covers onto the same simple fixture. You can also use your Switchables cover as a suncatcher, a Christmas ornament, or with any other kind of light source. To display your Switchables cover in a window, add the optional suction cup.


Are you curious...?

Various species of hibiscus serve as the national flowers of South Korea, Malaysia, and Haiti, as well as the state flower of Hawaii. Many cultures around the world make hot or cold teas from hibiscus flowers. It's a natural diuretic containing Vitamin C and minerals. The USDA found in 2008 that hibiscus tea lowers blood pressure in mildly hypertensive adults. Chinese herbologists prescribe it as a topical skin care product, and it does absorb UV radiation. As if that weren't enough, dried hibiscus is edible; indeed, Mexicans consider it a delicacy. With all of those benefits it seems like a shame to use it as a wall decoration, but we're pretty sure that our nightlight cover would make a lousy tea.

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