Metal Earth Model of Star Trek's Enterprise D

Metal Earth: Star Trek Enterprise-D

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Explore Strange New Worlds

Each Metal Earth model is laser etched in meticulous detail on 11 cm (4.33") metal sheets. Pop out the pieces by hand (or use wire cutters to get especially crisp lines), bend the tabs using needle-nose pliers, and fit them together as shown in the simple pictorial instructions. For maximum dramatic effect, display your model on the LED Display Base or the Solar Spinner (sold separately, see the Related Products below).

The Enterprise-D is one of the easier Metal Earth models with just 21 pieces on two sheets of metal. NCC-1701-D was a Galaxy-class starship commanded by Jean-Luc Picard.

Please note that Metal Earth models have sharp edges and are not suitable for children under 14.

 Are you curious...?

Many ships have borne the name Enterprise, with a US space shuttle being the first to carry it beyond the Earth. Before the birth of the Federation, the first interstellar liner launched around 2130 and designated XCV 330 was named Enterprise. The history of Enterprises gets unweildy when you include alternate timelines and parallel universes. Starfleet's NX-01 Enterprise was commanded by Jonathan Archer from 2151-61, but the most familiar Enterprise was a Constitution-class starship bearing the NCC-1701 designation and commanded by James T. Kirk, among others. Our model, the Next Generation's NCC-1701-D, was the fifth Federation vessel to bear the name. Its predecessors had a habit of getting destroyed, always in noble causes. 

Matt Jefferies, the art director of the original Star Trek series who was also a pilot, based the NCC designation on 20th century aircraft codes. "N" meant that the aircraft was registered in the US, "C" meant that it was a civil aircraft, and Jefferies added the second "C" because he thought it looked cool and futuristic and because the Russians used "CC." Mashing them together into "NCC" implied cooperation between the US and the USSR. One Star Trek author later decided that "NCC" stood for "Naval Construction Contract."

So why is it the USS Enterprise? Gene Roddenberry's original Star Trek called it the "United Space Ship" Enterprise.

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