Fast Food Earbuds for Your iPod, Smartphone, or Computer

Earbuds: Burger & Fries

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Burger & Fries ear buds were one of our bestselling designs until the manufacturer inexplicably discontinued them in 2013. They soon realized their mistake and brought them back with a new catalog number and name (officially, they're called Fast Food earbuds now). These ear buds are compatible with any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone socket, including smart phones (except the iPhone 7), MP3 players, PDAs, portable gaming systems, and computers. Standard and child-sized silicone ear tips included for a snug, comfortable fit.


Are you curious...?

French fries are popular throughout the civilized world, although they're known as "frites" or "chips" outside of North America (what Americans call "potato chips" are "crisps" elsewhere). Salt and ketchup are the most common embellishments here; elsewhere they like vinegar or mayonnaise, and some people get fancy with poutine (gravy and cheese curds) or chili and cheese. Thomas Jefferson had "potatoes served in the French manner" at a White House dinner in 1802, although exactly what that means isn't clear. The best evidence indicates that the Belgians invented them before 1680. British and American soldiers were introduced to Belgian fries during World War 1. French was the official language of the Belgian army at the time, leading the allies to think they were in France. To this day, Belgians call them Flemish fries. The French, of course, object.    

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