Vampire Family Car Stickers

Vampire Family Car Stickers

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Buffy Not Included

Vampire Family Car Stickers are a variation on those chalk drawing stickers that you see on every minivan and SUV these days. Nine undead figures (man, woman, large boy, large girl, small boy, small girl, dog, cat, and baby) give you the flexibility to customize your coffin with your own family's bloodsucking composition. Do you have a larger or non-traditional family? At this price, you can afford more than one set of stickers. Just clean the outside of your window, peel off the backing, and press each vinyl sticker onto the glass.

Car not included. Curio City reminds you that friends don't let friends drive dead. 


Are you curious...?

The pale, gaunt, sophisticated vampires that walk the earth today entered folklore early in the 18th century with the publication of The Vampyre by John Polidori. The modern trope really caught on when Bram Stoker published Dracula in 1897. But vampires have been around since at least the early 1700s, and bloodsucking undead under other names go back to the Mesopotamians. Before the Eastern European vampire became dominant, vampires wore burial shrouds and were described as being ruddy or dark.

Finding vampires who don't put decals on their coffins requires the services of a virgin boy on a virgin black stallion. Lead the horse through the graveyard. If the horse balks at a particular grave, it's time to start digging. If the corpse is unusually well preserved, and especially if it has fresh blood on its face, you're dealing with a vampire.

A wooden stake through the heart (preferably with ash, hawthorne, or oak) is the most widely agreed-upon remedy for vampirism, although Russians prefer to target the fiend's mouth. Decapitation is another favorite method; place the severed head between the feet or away from the body entirely. There's always incineration, too.

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