Switchables Betty Boop Fused Nightlight Cover SF511 - Stained Glass Night Light

Switchables Cover, Betty Boop SF511

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The new fused-glass process allows Switchables to create nightlight covers like none you've ever seen before. Instead of being folded and soldered, as are most Switchables covers, these pieces of glass are fused together with flash heat for more brilliant colors and intricate designs. Bits and strips of glass are bonded to a slightly curved, clear or colored background panel. Most new Switchable designs will use the fused process.

Our Betty Boop image still has sex appeal more than 80 years after her debut.   

This is not a self-contained night light. Switchables stained glass night light covers are designed to be used with the Switchables Nightlight Fixture (sold separately). Switchables are "switchable" because you can easily swap any one of our covers onto the same simple fixture. You can also use your Switchables cover as a suncatcher, a Christmas ornament, or with any other kind of light source. To display your Switchables cover in a window, add the optional suction cup. Switchables make gift-giving easy: Start your recipient out with a fixture and one or two covers, then buy him or her new covers on future gift-giving occasions.


Are you curious...?

Many people think silent film star Clara Bow was the real-life inspiration for Max Fleischer's 1930 cartoon character, but singer Helen Kane was the real muse behind Betty Boop. In fact, the "Boop-Oop-a-Doop Girl" sued Betty's creators for $250,000 in 1932, when her career was drawing to a close. She lost, largely because Clara Bow projected the same image. Betty's "Jazz Baby" character was toned down after she was deemed too racy for the Production Code of 1934. Her popularity faded as she lost her sex appeal and pursued a more juvenile audience.

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