Jackite Giant Canada Goose Bird Kite

Bird Kite: Canada Goose, Giant

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The Giant Canada Goose kite

Hunters use this realistic kite as a decoy. Lady geese will swoon for this magnificent specimen with its huge 60" (1.52 m) wingspan -- that's a full five feet across! And where the ladies go, the ganders follow.

Like all of our bird kites, the Giant Canada Goose is made from Tyvek, a synthetic paper-like material that's both very difficult to tear and water resistant. Tyvek is commonly used for envelopes, car covers, labels, coveralls, and house wrap. Netflix envelopes and disk sleeves are made of Tyvek because it's nearly indestructible and weighs almost nothing. These things look amazing with their wings flapping in the breeze. Even if you aren't a hunter, they're a great way to draw attention to your business or event. If you have a high speed Internet connection, check out the manufacturer's video at the bottom of this page

The Canada Goose bird kite is only produced in the Assembled version. It ships "knocked down" in a 52" mailing tube and is ready to fly after a quick, three-step preparation using no tools or glue.

Non-US customers: This kite's 51" mailing tube exceeds the size limit for international shipping. We regret that we cannot ship the Giant Canada Goose outside of the US (even to Canada; how weird is that?). Please consider buying the regular Canada Goose kite instead.

PolesThe 28' (8.53 m) pole is recommended for our giant kites. The fiberglass poles telescope like an antenna from a collapsed length of just 46" (1.17 m). Extend the sections and twist to lock (to make your pole shorter, just don't extend all of the sections). These differ from telescoping fishing rods by having a reinforced butt end to prevent splitting, thicker walls for less breakage, and a thicker tip.

Choose the Army Camo pole to blend into grassy environments or docks, the Wheat Camo pole for brown environments like reeds or a flooded cornfield, or the Black pole to blend into shadows anywhere. Not all colors are available at all times. If we don't have the color that you choose we'll substitute the most similar color that we do have. 

We only sell poles as add-ons with kite purchases, not as a standalone product. Orders that include poles require special packaging and will ship factory-direct rather than from Curio City's warehouse, so it might take us an extra day or two to fulfill your order. Jackite usually ships via UPS Ground regardless of what service you choose at checkout. Jackite guarantees all poles for 90 days and sells replacement sections for a modest fee plus shipping if your pole breaks after that.

Line RigThe Line Rig can be used with any bird kite, although it was specifically designed for use with Osprey, Loon, Happy Gull, Dove, Eagle, or Goose bird kites that will be flown like windsocks from a fixed pole. You get 7' (2.13 m) of strong, lightweight line with large swivels on each end. Snap one end onto your bird kite, snap the other end to the top of your pole, and you're ready to fly with minimal wrapping. Recommended for poles at least 13' (4 m) high. Adding a line rig to a kite purchase will not increase your shipping charge.


Are you curious...?

The Giant Canada Goose is the biggest and longest-lived goose in the world. They can weigh 20 pounds or more and live beyond 30 years. Males and females look the same because they both participate in rearing chicks. 


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