Trapezoid Cutting Boards In Three Sizes

Trapezoid Cutting Board

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The Shape of a Better Board

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Cut, clean, stack, and sweep food like a pro. These trapezoid cutting boards from Kutsko feature a 15-degree tapered channel that keeps your food in place until you sweep it into the pot. The tip of your knife faces the narrow open end. Your hand goes over the large end. The large end leaves you enough room to pivot your knife's handle, and the narrow end aims your chopped food right where you want it, while the side rails keep your food neatly on the board. You'll grow fond of these boards very quickly because they're easy on your wrist and hand. You can also sweep your knife against the raised sides to clean away sticky food, rather than using your finger. 

All of these Kutsko boards are made in the USA from a single piece of North American hard maple -- the sides aren't glued on, they're actually part of the board. Maple has a tight grain that keeps food and bacteria on the surface, but the wood is soft enough that it won't dull your knife's edge. Each board comes treated with two coats of walnut oil to protect it against liquids. Walnut oil provides a stable seal, unlike mineral oil (which wipes off too easily) or olive oil (which turns rancid). And these trapezoid boards are lightweight and easy to pick up, making it neater and more efficient than a traditional heavy cutting board.

All sizes are 10" (25.4 cm) long because most kitchen cabinet shelves have that much clearance. You can stack them vertically in your cabinet for easy retrieval and minimal space requirement. All of them have 1" (2.54 cm) raised sides. So which size is best for you?

  • The small board is permanently sold out. Sorry!
  • The medium board is 8.5" (21.6 cm) at its wide end and 4" (10.16 cm) at its narrow, channel end. Use this one for cutting up round foods like onions, tomatoes, and peppers. It works equally well with a paring knife or a chef's knife. You can even use it to grate cheese or vegetables -- lay your grater across the raised sides and your food will fall into the channel. This one's good for most prepping tasks. Our base price is for the medium board.
  • The large board is 10.5" (26.67 cm) at the wide and with a 6" (15.24 cm) channel end. This board is for family-sized meals. If you can only choose one Kutsko trapezoid board, we recommend the large one for its versatility.
  • The combo is permanently sold out. Sorry!

 Four words sum up the advantages of a trapezoidal cutting board.

  • Cut - Put your non-dominant hand over the front end of your chef knife's tip to act as a pivot. Rest the heel of this hand on the raised side to keep the board in place. Use your dominant hand to work the knife's handle, keeping it outside of the wide opening's mouth so that you don't bark your knuckles.
  • Clean - If your knife collects food on the side of the blade, draw the flat side across the inner edge of the raised side from inside to out so the food drops into the channel and is ready for further cutting.
  • Stack - Save space on your counter top by stacking the trapezoid cutting boards in an X-shape. This allows you to stage food ahead of time when preparing a meal.
  • Sweep - When you are ready to transfer your cut food to a bowl or pan, lift the board's narrow channel opening to that vessel and sweep the food in with the back of your fingers.

Caring for your cutting board: Don't put it in the diswasher! Hand-wash and towel dry. Don't soak it, and don't let it air dry. We recommend that you apply a thin coat of mineral, walnut, or any other food-safe oil once a month to seal any surface scratches and keep it waterproof. Excessive exposure to water will cause warping and cracking.

Don't forget to specify which size you want with the dropdown list above. The price will change according to your choice. To buy more than one size, add the product to your shopping cart once for each size. If the size you want isn't on the list, we're temporarily sold out.


The Mayor says: When designer and chef Nate Kutsko pitched these odd-looking new cutting boards for Curio City, I thought that the cutting surface would be too small, the side rails would get in the way, and they were probably just glued on. After I used my medium board for a few days, I wanted the whole set. I'm not what you'd call a chef or a foodie, but my trapezoid cutting board is a joy to use.


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