Zombie Family Car Stickers

Zombie Family Car Stickers

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The Family That Slays Together....

Zombie Family Car Stickers are a variation on those chalk drawing stickers that you see on every minivan and SUV these days. Nine living dead figures (man, woman, large boy, large girl, small boy, small girl, dog, cat, and baby) give you the flexibility to customize your hearse with your own family's undead composition. Do you have a larger or non-traditional family? At this price, you can afford more than one set of stickers. Just clean the outside of your window, peel off the backing, and press each vinyl sticker onto the glass.

Car not included. Curio City reminds you that friends don't let friends drive dead. 


Are you curious...?

Zombie folklore goes back to African voodoo religions, where sorcerors could raise and control the dead. In 1937 the anthropologist Zora Neile Hurston investigated a Haitian zombie appearance and concluded that the "walking dead" person was actually under the influence of a powerful drug. The ways of voodoo are secretive, though, and she couldn't prove it. A later Harvard ethnobotanist said that zombies are created when two special powders are introduced into a living person's bloodstream. The first puts a victim into a state of suspended animation that resembles death. They don't reawaken until after they're buried. Psychosis caused by the second drug, compounded by their own superstitious fears, can lead the "zombie" to accept a state of mindless servitude for years. Later scientists believe that long-term zombification is a result of mental illness, rather than the drug.

George Romero's Night of the Living Dead kicked off the modern era of zombie popularity in 1968, and that movie was based on Richard Matheson's 1954 novel I Am Legend. Some folklorists see zombie precursors in ancient Jewish golems, and legends about risen dead or mindless slaves are commonplace in most cultures. But Romero's work was original (and popular) enough that he's usually considered the father of the modern zombie. The well-known zombie appetite for living flesh, or more specifically for human brains, is a recent invention.

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