Frog Earbuds for Your iPod, Smartphone, or Computer

Earbuds: Frog

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Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog

Frog ear buds are compatible with any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone socket, including smart phones (except the iPhone 7), MP3 players, PDAs, portable gaming systems, and computers. Standard and child-sized silicone ear tips included for a snug, comfortable fit.


Are you curious...?

Taxonomists don't make any distinction between toads and frogs. "True toads" are just a subtype of frog. But most of us know one when we see one: Frogs are aquatic and have smooth, moist, green skin, whereas toads are terrestrial with dry, warty, brown skin. They're all amphibians, though, and they can all out-jump any other vertebrates. Frog-like creatures have been hopping for at least 250 million years now, making them one of the earliest animals in the fossil record. Because frogs prefer to "breathe" through their permeable skin, they're particularly sensitive to water pollutants. Did you ever wonder why they puff out their throats? Frogs do have lungs, but no diaphragm to draw air in and out. Instead they inhale through their nostrils and filll up their throats, then swallow the air from their mouths.

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