News from Curio City Online

News from Curio City

The Last Christmas Sale
  Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018

Too soon for holly wreaths?

Almost everything we sell is wicked cheap -- some items are a buck or two over cost, and many are actually priced below what we paid for them. After 13 years in business, we're planning to close our store on Friday, Dec. 21, so that we can concentrate on our new writing and editing business. (If you are in the market for editorial services, visit our new website.) We might close before Dec. 21 if the cost of staying open exceeds the money that's trickling in, or we might stay open a few days later if sales are still robust. Merchandise is selling out fast.

If you see something you like, buy it NOW, because (a) we aren't reordering anything; and (b) prices are unlikely to get any lower -- we are already losing money on most sales.

Clearance Prices
  Monday, May 21, 2018

As you explore our store

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