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  • MDD Hosting
    Do you need reasonably priced, highly reliable web hosting? Curio City Online enthusiastically recommends MDD, the home of our store since summer 2011.
  • Popehat
    A group blog of games, politics, humor, and snark. Come for the blog essays, stay for for the lively discussion forums.
  • Turnkey Web Tools
    Are  you interested in learning more about Sunshop, the software behind Curio City Online? Please click through using this link. If you decide to buy anything from them, we get a small commission. Ka-ching!

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High-Resolution Photographs

We often have higher-resolution images of our products than are used on our pages. Use our Contact form to ask about particular photos. If we don't have them, we can often get them.


Clicking these links gives you the option of saving a document to your hard drive or opening it online. These documents were originally sell sheets for paper press kits.

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Product Samples

At our discretion, we might offer review copies of our products to authorized media representatives at or below our wholesale cost. You will be asked to provide evidence of your affiliation.

Curio City In the News

The New York Times featured our Recycled Motherboard LED Christmas Tree in their December 4, 2008 guide to 25 holiday gifts for $25 and under.

The Rocky Mountain News picked up our light switch covers (a discontinued item) and golf balls for a Dec. 13, 2006 column on wine gadgetry

The Washington Post
Travel Section featured
our USB Computer Fan in their Dec. 3, 2006 Holiday Gift Guide. (Sorry, this is a Flash page so we can't link to it directly).

American Way, the in-flight magazine for American Airways, featured our USB Computer Fan in their October 15, 2006 issue
. This item became our top seller almost overnight, leading us to introduce the USB Computer Mini-Vacuum and the USB Computer Light


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