About Curio City Online

About Curio City

The History of Curio City
The Mayor of Curio City hates to shop. Yet, like everyone else, he constantly has to buy gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, retirements, weddings, and, of course, the winter holidays -- it's always something. The Internet has made shopping a lot easier than it used to be. But it's still frustrating to spend time plowing through junk merchandise, trying to interpret deceptive marketing text and doctored photographs, hoping that you're getting a decent deal from a reputable company.
One summer day in 2005, the Mayor wished that there was one Web site where he could always find something interesting, useful, fun, and unusual for all of the varied people on his gift list. A site where the products are of reliable quality and good value. A site for people who hate to shop. A site where he could appoint himself Mayor. Sensing that there must be millions of other reluctant shoppers with the same desires, he started planning his solution: Curio City. We opened in November 2005 and have been growing steadily ever since. We wouldn't still be here if we weren't doing something right.
About Our Merchandise
You never know what you're going to find at Curio City because "the ideal product" is always a moving target, especially when you're trying to have something for everyone. Everything we sell is unusual, fun, interesting, useful, and of good value. We try not to carry anything that anybody would ever regret buying or the kind of things you'll always find cheaper at Wal-mart. Everything you see here met one or more of those tests.
What We Believe
Curio City Online is a real Mom & Pop American business that's carved out a tiny niche among strong competitors in an unforgiving economy. The testimonials below show that we are on the right track. We believe that profits will take care of themselves if we run our business ethically and treat our customers with dignity. We're trying to make an honest living through hard work, not to get rich or take over the world or be the next Amazon. We never intend to deceive anyone about any of our products. We try to reuse all of the shipping materials that come into our warehouse, and recycle whatever we can't use -- Curio City generates very little waste. We pack your order with as little material as necessary to get it to you safely. We like to offer recycled and eco-friendly products when those fit with our overall direction.

Customer Testimonials

The following is real feedback from actual customers. Names were removed for privacy reasons:

"Thanks for your excellent trouble shooting. You just restored Christmas for my wife. I hope that your business prospers. With your continued prompt response that you demonstrated regarding my issue I am sure it will." Tom G. of Illinois, December 2014

"I am really impressed with the way you run your business. I really appreciate your personal attention to my order.  Thanks so much for old-fashioned good service." -Richard B of Michigan, November 2013

"Thank You for such satisfactory and prompt service. Will be a pleasure to do business with you in the future." -Barbara F. of Oregon, November 2013

"Thank you for the excellent customer service. Very impressive. I sincerely appreciate it." -Ron V. of New Mexico, October 2013

"Your outfit has the most responsive order follow up I've ever seen. With a  personal touch too! Thanks, and keep up the good work." -Dianne C. of  Florida, October 2011

"Wow! I am impressed. My husband and I were just discussing how we were saddened by companies that don't feel they had to go the extra step. Thank you for going that extra step." -Michelle A.R. of Ohio, May 2011

"I'll be using your company whenever I need to purchase this type of item. Fantastic service!!" - Ed A. of New Jersey, January 2011

"Thank you very much. I appreciate your great customer service. I'm sure I'll be back to your site in the future - I love gadgets!!!" - Peter B. of California, December 2010

"You had the best information on these Panther caps with LED lights...better than the Panther website!  Thank you!" - Karen K. of Washington, March 2010

"Thank you for responding again so quickly to my e-mail and helping me out. I  will definitely be using you in the future. You're a good company. Never had  such quick and accurate support from a company like yours before." -Richard C. of New Jersey, February 2009

"Lightning service: order received in great shape. Thanks!" -Andrew M. of California, December 2008

"It was such a kind thing  for you to do -- to listen, to react, to acknowledge and to solve our complaint.  I'll recommend your company and Web site to everyone. Good luck in business." -Alisha K. of New Jersey, January 2008

"I wish I could buy more to show my appreciation, but I will certainly spread the  word and will keep you in mind for the future. You deserve to be very successful and I hope you are." -Gerald R. of Florida, December 2007

"I have to say that you are the greatest company and representative that I have dealt with in a long time." - Cindy K. of Oregon, February 2007

"Fabulous service! Wow, my husband was even impressed and he is NEVER impressed easily! I will visit your Website again for sure!" - Kim S. of California, December 2006


Selling to Curio City
Finding products that meet our criteria is a constant challenge, because once something becomes too mainstream it's no longer suitable for Curio City. If you make or sell something that you think is a good fit with Curio City's product mix, we want to know about it. See the Contact page to learn how to get in touch.
Where Is Curio City?
Curio City Online is an Internet-only retailer. Our offices and warehouse are in Braintree, Massachusetts, which is just south of Boston. Our mailing address is:
Curio City Online

300 Grove Street Suite 113

Braintree, MA 02184
Contacting Curio City Online
The form on our Contact page is the quickest, most sure-fire way to get in touch with Curio City's staff (as long as you type your email address correctly, that is). We endeavor to answer all messages within 24 hours. If you don't get an email reply from us promptly, check your service provider's Bulk Mail or Junk Mail folder.

Our telephone number is 781-635-8743. Although we maintain office hours between 11 am and 4 pm in the Eastern US time zone, we're too small a company to keep our phone staffed continuously, and that's why we don't put our phone number front and center. Leave a voice mail message and we'll call you back. Eventually. If you need a timely response, use email or the contact form.

Curio City is a registered service mark of Kraken Enterprises, Inc





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