Corn-n-Tater Microwave Cooking Bag

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Welcome, Homecooked Shortcuts customers! Curio City is the official online distributor of Corn-n-Tater cooking bags

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The unique moisture-retaining properties of cotton and bamboo cooks your food to perfection in the microwave with no loss of flavor or texture. The Corn-n-Tater bag is reusable and easy to clean -- just machine wash in cold water and air dry -- but you don't have to wash it after each use because bamboo fibers don't absorb odors. The lining is naturally antibacterial and odor resistant and will not mold.  

Your reusable microwave bag comes with a cookbook and instructions. Mostly, it's as simple as wrapping your vegetables in wet paper towel, placing them inside the bag, and then nuking the bag for the recommended two or three minutes. Because cotton absorbs moisture, your food stops steaming the instant your microwave shuts off, reducing the sogginess and overcooking that come with other containers. This really is the easiest and best way to steam vegetables in the microwave.

The Corn-n-Tater bag is made in the USA from all-natural cotton and bamboo, and does not contain any of the BPA (bisphenol A) chemicals that are often found in kitchenware -- and even in other popular microwave bags! Bamboo fibers are not hard or woody -- your Corn-n-Tater bag is as soft as cotton.

The Corn-n-Tater bag is especially good for potatoes, corn on the cob, broccoli, peppers, warming tortillas, reheating bread and more. Each microwave bag measures 8" x 9.5" (20.3 x 24.1 cm).

The shipping cost for a single Corn-n-Tater bag is about $3 anywhere in the US. Two bags go for a little under $4. Use the Shipping Estimator in your shopping cart to find the exact cost for shipping larger orders and for orders going outside of the US.

This product is designed for 800-1000 watt microwave ovens. It is not recommended for ovens manufactured before 1996 or those more powerful than 1200 watts. (These are the laboratory conditions under which our bags were tested. It does not imply that they won't work in older ovens, only that they were not tested in older ovens. Thousands of customers have used Corn-n-Tater bags outside of these conditions without problems. If you do have an older oven, please pay careful attention the first few times you use your bag.)

About the designs

Don't forget to choose a design from the drop-down list above. To buy more than one style, add the product to your cart once for each design that you want. If the style that you want isn't listed, we're temporarily sold out of that pattern. If you don't make a choice we'll pick one for you.

Corn-n-Tater bags are produced in limited print runs. Sometimes we can replenish styles that sell out and sometimes we can't. Homecooked Shortcuts introduces new designs from time to time, so the bags that we have available at any given time are always changing. Bookmark this page and check back every now and then to see what's in and what's out.

Best Friends is the latest design. 

Homecooked Shortcuts isn't making Green Floral anymore. We still have a few left, but we can't replace them when they're gone. Get them while you can!

The Mayor says: Steaming vegetables in the microwave is the quickest, easiest way to prepare a side dish. My asparagus came out cooked through and still retained some snap the first time I tried it. Brussels sprouts were also done to perfection. Just add or subtract 15 seconds from the recommended time if you like your food to be cooked less or more. I can even fit two ears of corn on the cob into the bag. The inventor says that this is the maximum size that will cook without developing cold spots. Get two bags if you need to prepare very big portions.

Are you curious...?

Bamboo is a grass that commonly grows two feet (0.6 m) per day, and it doesn't have to be replanted after it's cut. Bamboo is endlessly renewable, its extensive root system stabilizes soil, and it provides habitat for many bird and animal species. One source claims that if bamboo were planted to replace wood and other fibers wherever possible it would reverse global warming in just six years. Whether that's true or not, bamboo is certainly one of the most sustainable crops on earth.

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