News from Curio City

Our Same-Day Shipping Promise
  Thursday, November 26, 2015

Same-day shipping is in effect from Monday, Nov. 30, through Wednesday, Dec. 23. It works like this (but read the fine print at the end of this section):

When Will It Ship?

  • Orders received before 2 pm Eastern time Monday through Friday ship the same day;
  • Orders received after 2 pm ET Monday - Thursday ship the next day;
  • Orders received after 2 pm ET Friday ship the next business day;
  • Packages that are too large to fit in a drop box (like our bird kites) take one extra day;
  • Bird kite orders that include poles can take up to three days.

How Long Will It Take?

Add the following expected traveling times to the shipping date that you found above. Please note that the times displayed next to the rates when you check out are provided by USPS, not by us, and they are not guaranteed. Full information is here.

These shipping methods probably or definitely WILL reach US addresses on or before Christmas:

•    UPS Ground (1-5 business days)
•    First Class Parcel (2-4 days)
•    Priority Mail (2-3 days)
•    UPS 2nd Day Air (2 business days, guaranteed*)
•    Express Mail (1-2 days, guaranteed*)
•    UPS Next Day Air (next business day, guaranteed*

These methods might or might not get there before Christmas:

•    (Nothing in this category yet)

These methods probably or definitely will NOT arrive before Christmas:

•    (Nothing in this category yet)

The Fine Print

Same-day shipping is a standard that we almost always achieve, but it's not a guarantee. Sometimes the USPS doesn't make their scheduled pickup. Sometimes severe weather or overwhelming volume get in the way. We aren't going to beat ourselves up too badly when that happens. When we anticipate potential delays, we'll post a message on this page.

Everything above pertains to continental US addresses. The closer you live to New England, the quicker delivery will be. For example, UPS Ground can be a next-day service in the Northeast but can take more than a week to reach California. Hawaii and Alaska will take a bit longer. "Days" means Monday through Friday. UPS does not deliver on Saturdays, but the USPS does. The delivery times listed with the rates during checkout are provided by the USPS, not by us; they don't include time to process your order and they are not guaranteed. UPS Ground and First Class Package are truck services that are especially vulnerable to delays.

*Delivery times are only guaranteed where noted. The carriers suspend their guarantees when severe weather interferes with their operations anywhere along your parcel's route. Curio City doesn't extend any guarantees beyond what the carriers will honor. When they notify us that their guarantees are null, we'll post a message here.

If you have a (free) Curio City account, you can log in to see the status of your orders. "Pending" means we received it but haven't processed it yet. "Awaiting Shipment" means that it's been packaged, the address label is printed, and it's waiting for pickup or dropoff. "Shipped/Complete" means it's on its way to you. You can't check your order status without an account because there's nothing for you to log into.

AOL Email Address Problem Fixed (Again)
  Wednesday, November 25, 2015

AOL's earlier attempt to stop blocking our emails failed. They assure us (again) that the problem is really fixed this time. If you didn't receive an order confirmation or status update at your AOL address, we'd like to hear about it.

Holiday Shipping Delay
  Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Orders received this weekend will ship on Monday, Nov. 30. We're working through the weekend and will try to get orders out on Friday and Saturday so that we aren't completely slammed on Monday...but no promises.