News from Curio City

Shipping to Canada Fixed
  Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Rate lookups for Canada are working again. We apologize to our Canadian customers who were inconvenienced for the past few days.

New USPS Rates
  Friday, May 29, 2015

The USPS is updating its rate structure on Sunday, May 31. Priority Mail rates (for domestic packages over 13 oz) are not going up. First Class Package rates (for domestic packages up to 13 oz) and international rates are all increasing. Priority Mail International to Canada is changing from a flat weight-based rate to zone-based pricing. Provinces nearest to New England might see prices decrease, while those that are farther away will see increases. Packages weighing less than four pounds -- which is most of our shipments -- are still eligible for lower First Class International rates. Bear in mind, though, that First Class International doesn't include package tracking and shipments aren't insured.

Our developer says that our shipping modules will handle this with no changes. If USPS rates disappear from the checkout pages's shipping price list on Sunday, you'll know that he was wrong.